No-risk fundraising programs with an impact.

Threads4Good is a branded apparel fundraising platform that helps small businesses and non-profits turn the goodwill of a community into action. During challenging or uncertain times, creative fundraising becomes integral as people and communities look for more ways to help. Our turn-key branded apparel programs make it easy for you to harness those good intentions into tangible results.

Wear your support.

Our mission is simple: to use our combined resources and experience to help small businesses and non-profits raise the funds they need. Founded by Embroidery & Screen Works Inc. and Ignited Marketing, Threads4Good helps you easily create and sell custom branded apparel. We bring the platform, products and services. You bring the community. Together, we can raise awareness and funds.

How Threads4Good works.

Threads4Good is designed to be seamless and risk-free. Once you sign up for a program, we’ll create your custom t-shirts and set up an online storefront. All you have to do is promote your shirt to the community and watch the sales come in — you’ll receive the net proceeds from the sales of your shirts.

Small Business

Are you a small business in need of some extra cash flow? Sell custom branded apparel to your loyal customers to raise funds.


Are you a non-profit or community organization looking to benefit your community? Raise funds by selling custom branded apparel.

National Sponsored

Are you a national brand looking to help support local businesses? Use our turn-key program to reach hundreds or thousands of small businesses, create brand affinity and connect with their loyal customers.

The potential is huge.

Spread the word.

Beyond the actual apparel, we provide you with all the tools you need to sell your t-shirts – from an online shopfront to social media assets and more. Spreading the word via organic social, content creation and PR will lead to valuable branded impressions and more sales.

Wear & Share

Here are some of our latest collaborations doing good in the community.